MP Visit


Meeting Pupils at Magdalen Primary School

Visit by  M.P. Matt Warman

On the 29th of January 2016 Matt Warman a Member of Parliament (MP for Boston and Skegness area) for the Conservative party, came into Magdalen School to talk to years 5 and 6. He spoke to us and told us a bit about himself and what he does.

We asked him a selection of our questions and he answered them. A few of them were:

  • Did you leave school with many qualifications?
  • Where did you originally come from?
  • How long have you been an MP?

Here is his answers:

1)       I wasn’t top of the class but I left school with a few qualifications.

2)         I was originally from London but my wife is based in Lincolnshire, so most of my                 time is spent here.

3)         I’ve been a MP for nine months so I’m quite new at the job.

Following his chat with Year 5 & 6 he went to the library to be interviewed by the school councillors. He said as he left, he had loved every second the morning!

By Ellie and Courtney


Visiting Magdalen School: M.P Matt Warman

Today M.P for the conservative party Matt Warman came to Magdalen School to talk to year 5 and 6 pupils. He told us about where he works (The Houses of Parliament ) and where he came from.  He is an M.P for the Conservative party and his constituency is Skegness to Boston including the Wainfleet area.  Monday to Thursday, he works in London at Westminster and on Friday he sets up a clinic where people can discuss their queries to him.

In Year 6 we had written down some questions to ask him about his school life, the job he did before becoming a MP and many more questions. He told us what his wife does and what subjects he did at school.

Before he was a MP, he worked for the Telegraph newspaper as a journalist. He worked with Apple, Samsung and Google having contact with many people using Facebook and Twitter.

As a local MP he wants to make the roads better in Lincolnshire by making sure repairs to pot holes are completed and also making public services a lot better.

By Anya and Mark


Meeting Matt Warman M.P for Parliament.

Today we met Matt Warman, who is a conservative MP elected in 2015 for his constituency Skegness to Boston. We asked him lots of questions about his job, school life etc… He told us interesting facts that we were keen to know about, as we sat in a semi-circle pupils one by one asked him questions that he answered very well. We all listened and took part; both classes year 5 and 6. We learnt about what he does and one of the questions were “What inspired you to become an MP?”

Altogether to sum it up I would say we all enjoyed it 100%!

By Alana and Olivia

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