Our General Election

The Prophets School Election – June 8th 2017

Winning Political Party Results 2017

As part of the year 6 PSHE lessons at Magdalen school the pupils have been learning about the General Election & the National Political Parties.

On Thursday 8th June the pupils visited the local polling station to have a quick look inside to see how the system worked on voting day.  The pupils then returned to school to hold their very own voting day where pupils in Key Stage 2 had the opportunity to go to the polls to vote for their chosen school political party. The yr 6 pupils have worked hard all week to develop four parties choosing their own group name, colour badge for their party and write their own manifesto on what they would improve in Britain.

General Election Day also involved our class making the final push to persuade staff and pupils at Magdalen School to vote for their group party within school.

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General Election – all parties talking to the school.

debating fact on policies  debating (1)  debating policiesPolictical parties taking to whole sch  Party taking to school

This week the Prophets have been learning about the National General Election and working together to form their own parties to draw up manifesto’s / key political party names and designing their own badges to represent their party. 

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