Doves Activities 2015/2016

On Friday 29th January, the Doves class had a great opportunity to play a small part in the making of a programme for ITV.  Mike Grant, from Musical Youth came into school to teach a music lesson whilst being filmed for a programme called ‘Where Are They Now’. The children were brilliantly behaved and, due to the fact that there was only one camera man, had to stop and start so that the camera could be moved to different areas of the classroom. It was interesting to see how the production of a programme is very different to what will be seen in the finished product. We can’t wait!

ITV promised to let us know when the programme will be aired  so we will keep you posted.

music 1 music 2 music 3 music 4 music 5 music 6 music 7 music 8 music 9 music 10 music 12 music


The Doves were pretending to be Egyptologists and making record cards like Howard Carter.
egypt 1 egypt 2 egypt 3 egypt 4 egypt 5 egypt 6 egypt 7 egypt 8


Having fun in the garden.

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violin 3      violin 1

The Doves are really enjoying their violin lessons.