The Prophets (Y6)


Class Prayer

mrs wood


Welcome to the new autumn term and the beginning of our journey through an exciting year of learning whilst having fun. As the senior end of the school our pupils will be expected to set good examples to their peers throughout the school. The pupils take responsibility for various jobs around the school helping to look after resources, tackle recycling paper and plastics, and support others to engage in positive play.

This term our topic focus is researching and learning key facts about The Stone Age to The Iron Age and during this half term our Science topic will run along the same theme covering ‘Evolution’ looking at how humans, animals & plants have evolved.

In maths pupils will follow the national maths curriculum investigating styles of operations for problem solving and develop their skills in arithmetic. Through our literacy sessions we will be building pupil’s knowledge of grammar, spellings, handwriting, creative writing and the understanding of different forms of text. We like to encourage the children to widen their reading knowledge investigating different genres to develop reading skills and understanding of authors’ styles of writing.

As a keen sports lover I like the children to participate in a selection of different sports and will be encouraging them to join in building co-ordination skills, physical fitness and an excitement for team games. We are investing in expert outside coaches to come into school and work with the children and staff to develop dance and gym skills. Over the first two terms the Prophets will be attending swimming lessons at The Giles Academy working with qualified swimming coaches. During this term we encourage the pupils to attend after school clubs building skills for the different tournaments and inter-school competitions held against local coastal schools. Swimming will take place on Wednesday afternoons and Sport (Netball) will be on Thursday afternoon.

Throughout this year I will be supported by two teaching assistants Mrs Shephard and Mr Jacobs, they will be working with groups of children supporting their education and welfare needs. Mrs Shephard has exceptional artistic skills and will be teaching the children many different skills using a variety of materials and techniques to produce some fantastic artwork.  Mr Jacobs has brilliant mathematical skills and enjoys developing geography knowledge and sport.

In the Prophets we expect everyone to work together, respect one another and work to their full potential in all aspects of school life.

Mrs T Wood      (Class Teacher and Key Stage 2 Co-ordinator)

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