Learning Websites



Websites to help you with your learning:

Below are a selection of websites that will help you improve and further develop your love of learning.

Art Attack                              What can you create?

BBC Schools                        Lots of learning activities and games

Cbeebies                               See what’s going on with the cbeebies!

Cbbc                                     See what the CBBC crew have been doing

CiTV                                      See what the CiTV crew have been doing

Creating Music                     Become an on-line musician!

Giggle Poetry!                       Lots of fab and funny poems!

Grid Club                              Get some help with your homework

Hello World                           Learn to speak lots of languages through activities and song

Myth Web                              Discover the truth behind the Greek Myths

On-line IT Lessons               Learn the skills all Cyberkids need!

Really Wild Show                 Find out about weird and wonderful animals!

Think U Know                      Stay safe on-line




Whilst every effort is made to ensure these websites are suitable for our pupils, we cannot be responsible for their content and would encourage parents to monitor their child whilst working on-line. 

If you or your child have a particular website that you think should be added to this list or that you enjoy using, please e-mail us and let us know and we will add it to the list.