School Values

Our whole school values are extremely important to us as a school and are based upon our Christian values.
ten values               



Peace: Peace means never having wars and to have calmness, peace of mind and happiness.





Forgiveness: Forgiveness means when you do not have bad feelings against someone who has done something nasty to you.





Friendship: Friendship is like a brilliant star which shines brighter when the sky turns darker!






Hope: Hope Means that anything is possible, keeping our dreams alive and striving for a better tomorrow.






Humility: Humility means listening to others, not boasting about yourself and making sacrifices for other people.





Justice:  Justice means that each person is treated fairly and the punishment is fair for what they have done.





Service: Service means doing something for the benefit of others or doing something for your country.





Compassion: Compassion means treating someone, how I would like to be treated and caring about them.






Thankfulness: Thankfulness is the fuzzy feeling that you get inside when you are
given things or opportunities from someone else.





Trust: Trust means that you know in your heart, what the person is telling you, is the truth